This is not a scarf
It’s not a fashion accessory
This is my Kufiya
Fabric woven into weaponry
That signifies the revolutionaries
Fighting for freedom
Until we are all dead and buried
Is that a good reason?

I wear it to remember those being killed for a false cause
With their houses bombed in these inhuman drone wars
Those that we slaughtered while we hunted for Osama
Who killed more innocent people Bin Laden or
Terrorists only do things the American presidents did
Two terms and eight hundred and seven Innocents eviscerated
Those done strikes only left his brutal legacy cemented
A war on terror never ending leaving Yemen
Barracks pigment doesn’t protect him from criticism just face it
He can’t blame Muslims for terrorism when it’s the west that made it Continue reading “Kufiya”


You’re proud to be British
With it’s perfect democracy
Are you proud of the killing?
Are you proud of the colonies?

We stand against the tyrants
who expand their empires
So If we burn together,
we’ll only burn brighter

Of these ignorant idiots I’m getting a bit tired
Belligerent hypocrites proud of the empire
Little kids are limited in knowing what transpired
Missing the bigger picture so they all keep quiet
If we understood the crimes perpetrated by our nation
We’d follow Nelson and talk of reconciliation
The biggest bigots claiming we civilised the whole of Africa
They don’t don’t know history just taking the piss like a catheter
They need to read on the Edo and Mesopotamian
Learn some more, I’ve got little else to say to them
The east bought algebra and science to this scene
Geometry, philosophy, programmable machine
Now to the east and Islam we send thanks
F16s, coups, sanctions and tanks,
Bomb their kids thinning their families ranks
Then act surprised when they bomb you back
I’m not religious but I’ve looked at history and the scriptures
And it’d be unfair of me not to see the bigger picture
So many oppressed by the leaders we put in place
And killed by our bullets, bombs and hand grenades
So contextualize the West’s rise
And remember those that died
so we could be here tonight

I battle my British identity every single day
So I can’t sleep
Let alone keep the victim’s memories away
I know I’m guilty
When I benefit from those decaying in mass graves
Can’t comprehend senseless actions that depraved
Take a look at the friends that are my mates today
Two centuries ago they were enslaved in chains
See we came to their lands with muskets in hands
Constructed a plan, spilt blood on their sand
Dug under the ground until something was found
Is it the Redcoats marching?
Or the British criminal’s sound
Stole the minerals and metals
The killers we gave them medals
Cleared out the indigenous
So the Englishmen can settle
Now we still use insidious methods
Price out the poor and you get developed
Call it gentrification
It’s the rent they are raising
Just a modern application
Of economic colonisation
So is it world domination
Or world domestication
Imagine controlling a quarter
of the earth’s population
That wasn’t just
Territorial expansion
We wanted our hands in
Every state on the planet
Never before had murder and slavery,
Been so candid

Some claim that this is just historical
The idea there’s no follow through is comical
Some don’t believe that this country is racist,
No not at all
But without acknowledgment then no solution is possible
It’s hard not see how this whole things fucked
Let’s just have a proper think about Windrush
British citizens whom many fought for our flag
Have different pigments so outside we dragged
The people who were most proud to have made it
Suffered arson and were spat at on the pavements
Some do claim racism is just personal sickness
Rather then come to face it’s intricate system
This isn’t about white kids dropping n bombs on the streets
This is about claimed peaceful people dropping bombs in the east
Is isn’t about a perceived excessive melanin syndrome
This is about British men and women that they disowned
This is about the whitewashed history syllabus
That paints Africa as intellectually limited
From the straight streets of Benin in Nigeria
Pyramids in Sudan to Palmyra in Syria
This isn’t about a dichotomy of white and black
This is human history that we need to all take back


Great Wall of Ignorance

Pope francis said:
“Peace builds bridges, whereas hatred is the builder of walls”

They build walls not as a defence from invasion
But they attempt to prevent a relentless contagion
From the men they resent and always felt hatred
View them as subhuman cause of their ethnic persuasion
Building barriers to cower from the output of their actions
The press’ images depict the precedent of their infractions
The policies are paramount to the powerful reactions
See the refugees fleeing from your foolishly funded factions
Escaping economic attacks you fools only call sanctions
Now your citizens turn militant cause we have listened to your tactics
It doesn’t matter the puppet,
Wether Teresa, Blair or Cameron

Britain didn’t build a wall because we already had a sea
But you can’t escape your victims that is just a fallacy
The humanity you cannot bear to have our cameras see
But we are all the witnesses to the outcome of this tragedy
The Turkish beach is where Kurdi sleeps
Murder is cheap when all the killers walk free

Do you live any easier when hundreds drown in the mediterranean
Hide it from the media cause you fear us empathising with the alien
You’d rather see them all die, far away from home
Than have them join us as citizens and take away your throne
You fear the aftermath from the backwards war you started in Syria
Prepare for the backlash from people in up in Caila down to Libya
Try and block our vision so we can’t testify your war crimes
But evidence is clear so it’s too late to buy you more time

America is building a wall to block out all the Mexicans
But don’t let his racist message get into your head my friends
Since two thousand the mexican immigration hasn’t stopped dropping
Cause no one wants to rot in that immoral corporate corrupt coffin
You robbed your own people of their freedom so you think whos next
Mexico’s a scapegoat for the problems in the US
War on drugs that you fathered has imparted too many hardships
Blame it on others rather than discover the reasons why it started
Mexicans were never part of the cause,
instead Nixon feared blacks and those anti war
And why all this outrage about them coming to take your jobs
What’s more American than working until you’re better off?
Why don’t you admit to the slave labour in prison?
Or that NSA infringes their civil liberty with PRISM?
Go ahead and build the wall as if it’s gonna stop the descent
But the people are all learning: it’s the beginning of your end

The security fence that’s erected by Zionism
West bank is an open air prison
They claim it’s there, to protect the Israeli public
But It’s used to claim the land that they already corrupted
Nelson Mandela could never stand for this injustice
We will never surrender while this is being constructed
Another symbol of the separation from people and their peace
International puppet for the west’s war against the east
This narrative of self determination via extermination is too played
They’re killing Palestinian civilians in this imperialist crusade
But this won’t end from years of tired violence being used
But when the world wakes up and finally realises the truth

We all want to build bridges, and join hands with mankind
Our rulers have a vision for supremacy of their kind
View their borders as fortresses
and of course they’re enforcing it
with disproportionate force
But it only fuels the causes for abolishing these walls

What is freedom?

They tell me to have sorrow for the soldiers who died for our freedom
But that free will is borrowed from those who died for no reason
Iraq, Iran, Syria and Afghanistan
People killed by poverty, drone strikes and the Taliban
By the wars we either fought in or billed
The genocides we support and more often instilled
We’re guilty whether it’s a weapon, cash or a mandate
Creating Israel was
Just another campaign
The Palestinians used
in a political game
Now we try and further
The murderous Zionist aim
But countless countries
condemned the occupation
But taking actual action
Amounted to speculation
Spectating with arms tied
Witness the new apartheid
Innocent families raided
See hospitals eviscerated
Food supplies blockaded
More assassinations
Funding murderous campaigns
On US state donations
Some hate when I say this
Called me anti semitic
Cause I dissect the evidence
Then reject their messages
No judges punishing
So I’ll hand out the sentences when
They breach UN conventions with
Too many massacres to mention
The west just forgets this
When lobbyists are present
Innocent casualties, permissible tragedies
But our leaders all just act as if they cannot see
Little kids being shot by the Israeli snipers
Families with signs are no match for their rifles

But I know that my taxes
Are fueling their vengeance
I know that my income
Pays for their weapons
I’m wasting time in my 9 to 5
My paycheck provides bullets
That end Innocent lives
Children living under siege
Hell funded by VAT
That’s not freedom to me

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Mirror Mirror

Mirror, mirror
Am I tripping?
The man starting back
Isn’t who I envisioned
I expected image repetition
Instead my image is flipped N
I don’t know what I see

That ain’t the guy seen by girls mates and family
He looks like the victim of a third rate tragedy
It’s scary to see that that’s me – apparently
It’s costly to be him as he comes with a fee

Self destructive doesn’t even begin the describe
He hatred for his whole existence and his feelings inside
I know it sounds pretty dramatic but I gotta show why my mind’s elastic
The way I dodge all my problems as I’m doing mental gymnastics
It’s impossible to escape like addiction to a crackhead
but where most people have an elephant in the room I’ve got a man in the attic

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New Frontiers

In New frontiers

I’ve been called a lot of things
Since I started to write
Some similar while others are split
Like an apartheid
“A poet, a rapper a procrastinating kid
Additionally a faggot who writes about emotions and shit”
I don’t mind the labels, and categorization
The fact that people care enough about me,
Is just amazing

But let’s split the terms down into their basic concepts
Analyze each word until we see what’s left

Some know me as a poet
Cause of the pieces I wrote
Mark Grist approved
Made me perform in Peterborough
Not a large crowd, maybe a hundred
But as a kid I was proud, n that’s something

I’ve been a called a rapper,
Cause I do poems faster than I breathe
With the way I’m reading writtens I’m transcending several scenes

I dance between simplistic to vivid imagery
Meta metaphors to twisted schemes
To me
Poetry and rap are one, so see
I do my best to try and combine the scenes
Like a seamstress and flow like a stream,

I apologize for spitting words at speed
But you must understand this is how they are freed when there’s a time limit on my pace
That just means my brain can’t clock it’s in a race
In order to escape the structure of sentences
These rhymes are confined inside the prison cell of my mind,
In dirty dingy dungeons down there they reside
In a cramped damp cell with six too similar sides
Where they’re wondering and pondering if this is their destiny
Thanks to me a pen and paper on my desk they’ll see,

Fuck see I did it again?
Nevermind let’s check the words that are next

A procrastinating kid? we all waste our time
Not exaggerating shit, but we had a purpose to find
Time spent enjoying and practicing
My lyrical skills were like a teen bunking,
but I’m actually ill
You disagree?
Probably Poppin pills

“A faggot who writes about emotions and shit”
That’s tragic you wipe away the motion
That this art can more than a puddle and be as deep as an ocean
It’s people like you
Who cause corrosion
Of the hip-hop scene,
Who prefer lil rappers
With ‘lil meaning
To prose about the projects
With tip-top schemes
So when I murder this scene with words
There’ll be no apology

Tar Rose

I start with a thought
an idea in my mind
Slowly the words turn
from nought into lines
then those scratchings
are brought from
nought into rhymes
Then I begin to flow, like water in the Rhine

Years back,
When I was still a kid
I never felt satisfied
or content with what I had in life
So many dreams orbiting me
my goals became satellites
Compressed in bed up late
I sat at night with an inkling to write
An pass the write of success
How did I start?
How did I get here?
Will I still be sitting and spitting next year?

As a child I would never wage
That I’d go out and put pen to paper
Cast out from the rest, I grew up an outcast
Dreams dying faster than Kenny in Southpark
Picked on, punched at, kicked at, lunchtime
Wished I, killed them, envied, Columbine

I wish I was joking, I was only 10
I didn’t know better at that stage
But I learned and I learned
Used my bloodied soul as the ink on my page
I didn’t calm but became one with my spirit
Writing became like a bong and I hit it
I hit it, I hit it, I hit it
Let’s face it I am addicted

It’s the key to my prison,
I hope there’s time left for me
To spread my limited wisdom